A full Reiki session lasts 60-75 minutes and can help with any combination of issues, or just for therapeutic relaxation.  Reiki is a complementary medicine and can be integrated with allopathic, homeopathic, or any other kind of medicine and will only enhance the effectiveness of those other treatments.

For the treatment, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table and I will go through a series of hand positions, either holding my hands a few inches above your body or laying them gently on you, always observing safe touch.  If you prefer no physical contact at all that will not have a negative effect on the treatment.

I strive to make sessions as relaxing and comfortable as possible, by providing pillows, blankets, aromatherapy, and music, or I can customize the atmosphere to your needs.

The cost is $80.  I may be interested in a trade - if you do a different healing modality or have another skill that seems appropriate, let me know.


Resonance Reiki is located at my home in the Richmond DIstrict of San Francisco.  Outcalls may be available on request for an additional fee.

Distant session

Since Reiki energy is connected with the entire universe, it is possible to do a Reiki session even if the practitioner and client aren’t in the same room (or state).  Distant sessions are usually 15-20 minutes, and cost $20.


Contact info:

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